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Marketing Resources

Marketing on the internet is not just a simple matter of putting up a website. Online marketing requires a series of skills and knowledge. There are ads and backlinks, on and off-page SEO, and traffic just to name a few of the skills you’ll need.

This infographic is an attempt to show just how much it takes to really be able to market online successfully. Not all of the tools listed require payment. It is up to you to decide how much you are able to spend and find alternatives for the programs you feel you need but don’t want to pay for.

Check out Google for a good source for some tools. A free account will get you access to their suite of “webmaster tools” which is a good place to start.

Internet Marketing Tools 2014

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Now that you have been overwhelmed by the number of resources that are suggested, be sure to check out Google and start using the webmaster tools.

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IM Resource

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Microsoft Turns on Do Not Track By Default in IE10

Finally it seems that our opinion matters. In this day and age where safety and internet security is such an issue, this change is overdue.

Microsoft Turns on Do Not Track By Default in IE10

“By Fahmida Y. Rashid The coming version of Internet Explorer will have the “Do Not Track” feature enabled by default, Microsoft said Thursday. Online advertisers, predictably, are not happy with this decision. Microsoft plans to have Do Not Track on by …”

Instead of being invisibly tracked, you will now have to select that as an option if you want it. What a nice change.

In this technological age, everything that we do is traceable and most of it is. It’s nice to finally get a break from one of the technology related items.

How Evil Are Googles New Paid Shopping Search Results?

Seems that almost every day we hear something new about what Google is up to.

They certainly haven't allowed the status of the most used search engine to go to their heads. Seems each new change is designed to beat-out the scammy little guys. Way To Go!

Having to search through countless web sites to find something real has gotten to be the challenge for us all. This latest change should keep the best sites at the top.

Check out the latest as Google is working to beat the spammers…


On The Cutting Edge

How Evil Are Google's New Paid Shopping Search Results?

"Below that will be (unpaid) “Shopping results for telescopes illustrated by a prominent product, and beyond that the rest of the standard search results. In the new regime, the large, tan premium ad words box will be reduced in height and directly …"

The same folks that send all of that spam junk to your email keep trying to learn new ways to "beat the search engines" at their own game. Apparently, Google isn't going to roll over and take it!


Importance of Keywords

One of the most important things that you can do for your article is to recognize the importance of keywords. The density and placement both are important parts of optimizing your articles for search engines. Search engine spiders scan a page and rank it according to the keywords that you have used. This ranking is what you are trying for. It is what will make your page come up for your keyword.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a word or group of words that is going to be placed in your article several times, not just once as that would make every word count. When a spider sees that you have a word placed several times in an article, it will determine that your page may be useful to users that search for that particular word or string.

Over Optimizing Your Articles

It is important to note that there is also such a thing as over optimizing your articles for particular words, this is known as “keyword stuffing”. When you stuff your article, these spiders will detect that you are trying to trick it into placing your article high in the search engine results for that word, and will instead will penalize your site and your page for doing it. This may even affect the rankings of your other pages, or get your site blacklisted from a particular search engine if you are found to be keyword stuffing too often.

What is Keyword Density?

This is the number of times that you use the keyword in your article. Most people use a percentage to determine how many times they will put a particular keyword in an article. For instance, if you have a 500 word article and want to achieve a keyword density of 5%, then you will need to have your word in your article exactly 25 times. You can find hundreds of resources and guides recommending one keyword density over another and the reasons behind the logic, however, in the end you will have to determine which density is more profitable for your articles. Each webmaster has a particular keyword density that they like to achieve based on past results. As long as you don’t over optimize and you are making sufficient profit from your rankings, then you can choose whatever keyword density you like.

The Right Density

No matter what exact density you choose, the importance of keywords means that you place them so that there are more at the beginning and end of your articles. This helps to produce an hour glass effect. Having the right keyword density in your article makes it more likely that you will make money off of that article because it will rise in the search engine results and be seen by more people.

Keep in mind while writing that the importance of keywords in your article is the single biggest thing that will get your page to rank for that keyword. When your article has the right balance, the search engines will put the same importance of keywords on your article as you do.

How To Freelance

So you‘re thinking of becoming a Freelance Writer? Where do you start? How will you get clients? Do you even know how to freelance?

The idea of being able to work from home, writing reports, ebooks, guides, tutorials and sales pages is appealing to many, especially when writing is a hobby, or something that they have been doing for years.

Have you thought about what is required? Writers must work hard, producing new content regularly, spending long hours completing projects, dealing with clients, and keeping accurate records.

As a writer, your daily activities will include regularly checking emails and responding to clients messages, bidding on projects posted on freelance sites such as Elance as well as updating websites, blogs, client records and accounts.

Your will need a fully equipped office with high speed internet and decent word processing software such as word. Recordkeeping must include projects completed, regular clients and finances. Don’t forget that you will be self-employed and your accounting is very important.

You’ll also need to decide on your fees. These need to be reasonable enough to provide you with the income that you need and still be competitive with other writers. Base your calculations on the actual amount of writing that you can do in a day. Research, proof-reading, other duties and distractions don’t count.

Now that we’ve discussed what you’ll be doing and what is needed, let’s move to how to get started.

The first thing that you’ll need to do is create a website. For a name, try to come up with something that people would type when searching for your services. This is where your keyword research will come in handy. If you want a professional looking site, you can post a project for a website designer on

Your website is going to showcase your work. This is the place where you will send potential clients. Link to your site in bids to show the quality of your work.

On your site, include clips of documents, no full documents. These are only examples of your work. Try to cover as broad a variety of topics, formats and styles as you can.

Include a personal “resume”; past experience, writing skills and details of any particularly good past projects. As you become a member on various writing sites, include your current ratings on these sites.

Be sure to include your photo and contact information in a prominent place on the site.

Having this “portfolio” site established will make it much easier for you to get started online since you will have no history on any of the freelance sites. Sending your off-line clients to your site will allow them to see the quality of your work.

Once your site is established, there are several ways for you to get jobs.

First, for online jobs, register and create a profile with as many freelance sites and IM forums as possible. Search to get a current listings.

Be sure to check the fees and requirements of each site. Some freelance sites charge by length of time, others, a % of the pay for each project. Not all of the sites will satisfy you. Sign up for the minimum amount of time to test each site.

Include your skills, qualifications and past experience as a writer in your profile. If allowed, include a link to your website. Be sure to add a picture, freelancers with a picture on their profile get more projects than those without.

For offline jobs, contact book and magazine publishers for editing or ghost-writing jobs, contact local businesses and industries about product reviews, their sales materials or even business descriptions.

Once you have completed an assignment, be sure to add a clip to your website to keep your portfolio up-to-date. As your reputation grows, so will your job offers.

Be careful not to accept so many projects that you cannot finish them on time. Build your reputation carefully, word of mouth can kill you before you get a good start.

Following these tips on how to freelance can help you to quickly get your new career started.

Earn Money Making Review Sites

Shopping online has made it easy for us to compare products based on the reviews of previous buyers. In fact, many buyers today rely on reviews to decide on a particular purchase or brand.

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to take advantage of this trend and develop your own detailed, honest and straightforward review site for your niche market.

A review site offers important information to buyers, such as giving them a breakdown of the product or service, including personal testimonials and feedback. Taking this a step further, you can get your visitors involved by having them post their own comments and experiences.

To build your own review site, you don’t need to personally own a particular product. Carefully research your target and include the pros AND the cons… The fact that a certain item is only 6 inches wide instead of the normal 14 inches may be a ‘con’ in your opinion, but it will appeal to a large number of readers for just this reason.

When listing your reviews, be sure to reference WHERE these reviews were posted. A simple ‘reviewers at Amazon say’ is evidence that you are using reviews posted elsewhere and also that you did your homework by pulling these all together in one place for your reader.

One of the greatest things about a review site is that it you can fit one into literally any niche or market online. You can build a site around a single product and include a page for each brand or style.

From an Amazon affiliate review site, to developing a review site around a television program, movie or even music that you love, you can build a money making business online, all powered by the targeted review site!

How Do You Make A Blog Profitable

Blogging can be a fun and enjoyable pastime. Millions of people have discovered the wonders of blogs and have utilized this platform as a way to spend pleasurable moments working at the computer. With many simply sharing ideas, experiences and expressing their own views and opinions on current events. Certainly there is some fun to be derived from this favorite pastime of many. But how do you make a blog profitable as well?

There are many ways you can make a profit from blogging. A blog can be the platform for you to share your own special expertise with the rest of the world. It really doesn’t matter what your passion may be, there are people who would be interested in your talents and interests and blogs can be a very good way to gain exposure.

The first thing to do when you start out blogging is to deliver strong, passionate posts. This means that you should have enough material to blog on or write about and do it passionately with feeling and enthusiasm. People can easily distinguish between random ramblings of a half-baked blogger who is doing it for the purpose of getting words on the page and one who is absolutely passionate about his writings.

This is the only way you can get the attention of your visitors and make them come back again and again to visit you. The blogosphere is full of related posts on similar topics and people want to be entertained when they read your posts so be sure to deliver the message with full-impact if you want them coming back again.

The next thing is to blog on regular basis. If you come up with sporadic excellent posts, your visitors will not have a regular routine for them to visit and most likely they will tend to lose interest over a period of time. Be sure to set a regular time to blog each day or week and keep to this schedule no matter how inclined you feel to pursue other things. Be disciplined if you want success from your blogging effort.

The last tip to make money from your blogging work is to find the best way to monetize your blog. There are plenty of ways you can do this but you don’t wan to spam your post or blog platform with these money-making ads or you will turn off your visitors fast. So be sure to select only two or thee that you really like and test it out on your blog for a week or two. If one or two doesn’t deliver the results you want, then consider changing it until you find those that do.

Once you have established yourself as a regular blogger with a string of followers then make sure you don’t slacken up and neglect the necessary work to keep working at it. There needs to be a continuous effort to sustain your success and ensure your visitors will be loyal to your blog and come back again and again.

You Can Start A Business Website For Free

Being a business owner has many advantages besides the obvious. When you are considering starting your own business many people don’t know how to start. Business website owners, at least many of them, have figured this out and not only enjoy owning their own business but run their business from their home without even having to get dressed.

It is not necessarily true that they will come if you build it but, it does happen in some cases. This type of website still takes a lot of work and some cash.

If you are considering starting an online business you really can start with no money but you will have to do quite a bit of work.

There are a lot of marketers that will offer products and advice that claim to be the key to your online success. In reality each of these products are only a small slice of the entire process.

A business website can be started with a free blog. There are thousands of them on the internet and quite a few places to get one but, for the best chance of success you need to do a little research first.

The blog started as an online journal and people soon figured out ways to make money with one. They would write about things that interested them or they were passionate about. As the internet began to grow the number of readers increased as people searched for information. Then writers learned they could make money by advertising other peoples products or their blog.

Without having your own product the easiest way to make money is to sell affiliate products. But you need to get people to your website and entice them to click on your ads.

You can get a free blog that is very easy to set up if you are starting out with little or no money. In order to get visitors to your business blog you need to do a couple of things first.

1. You need to decide what type of product or service you will promote and start doing keyword research on the subject.

2. Sign up for affiliate products to promote on your blog and get the links to post. The products don’t have to be directly related to what you are writing about but should compliment your subject.

3. Start writing short articles and blog posts using your best keywords and post them to your blog.

4. A free blog usually offers a few different backgrounds or themes. You will want to choose one that is easy for you to use and does not distract your readers.

5. You also need to decide whether you will put ads at the bottom of your posts and along the sides or just the sides. Placing ads at the bottom of your posts gives you the opportunity to promote even more products.

Writing content for your business website is not that hard and your site does not need to be perfect to make you money online. Many people that own a computer wish they could make money online just like the commercials but they don’t know how to start. Business website owners come from all walks of life and your site does not have to be professionally created or managed, you can do it!

But again, you will need to do some basic work and it is not that hard. Using a free blog and promoting affiliate products that you earn a commission on are just one of the many ways you can make money on the internet. There are plenty of other ways to use a business website and each one gets more involved. The basic keyword research and writing good quality content that your readers look forward to reading is the core of most online businesses.